Web Solution

Everage online media tools let you benefit from precise targeting results.

Take into account different brand campaigns, available opportunities to reach out your audience on search platforms, devices that you should target. Talk to potential customers via Display Ads and Remarketing (if they easily forget). This online advertising network comes with different combinations and permutations, and that’s why it’s hard to make a perfect choice for your company. Consult Lionhaus!



They all can help you improve your company’s presence, guarantee its success, and boost your overall brand recognition while putting you in the most beneficial position compared with counterparts. They are designed with your main goals in mind and offer a combined CPM and CPC model, which allows us to guarantee only a minimum of quality inventory.

Our company doesn’t work only with social, display, remarketing, and search tools, but our offers also include a wide range of online campaigns, from planning to their final execution.

Our brand solutions include the following:

  1. Social. You’ll benefit from consumer demographics and start targeting your marketing campaigns accordingly.
  2. Search. Why not to develop the best CPC campaign via our network?
  3. Remarketing. They’ll enable you to reach out even those consumers who got away, so that window shoppers will turn back to your website.
  4. Display. Get amazing ads that will help you capture people’s attention.
  5. Device. The use of our device targeting boosts a campaign ROI.

Our key features:

  1. Impact. Lionhaus works with advertiser and marketers to define their main placements and catchy banners to improve their user engagement. We also cooperate only with leading publishers to deliver these solutions to clients in the most non-intrusive way.
  2. Quality. Lionhaus is well-known for its complete transparency and high-quality standards. Our operations team undergoes quality audits on a regular basis and adheres to strict rules. Besides, they can design landing pages and microsites for different marketing campaigns with a fast turnaround time.
  3. Reach. We guarantee contextually relevant ads and use all possible means in terms of social media and search platforms to help you extend your brand recognition. Our qualified media planners work to provide you with a maximum reach with a high impact.


Performance solutions will make your marketing campaigns talk to targeted consumers and get a guaranteed ROI because of our robust network. It’s perfect for advertisers who seek for special actions from targeted users. How? Use our performance solution to find out.

  1. Targeting – Make sure your ads are seen by the targeted audience to maximize results. We offer a variety of methods, from geo and behavioral targeting to retargeting and using effective keywords, and they let us make your marketing campaign a success. Our team of professionals collaborates with publishers and uses different methods to make your ads be visible on relevant search results.
  2. Optimisation – Lionhaus also provides its clients with its LMS (Lead Management System) when they need to track leads in all channels. You’ll get a detailed real-time report and information about your leads that can be used by your customer support. Our specialists constantly monitor all campaigns to improve them and solve all issues on CTRs, banner fatigues, and so on. Give us data about your chosen performance metric, and we will create a perfect campaign based on it.