Video Solution

We allow you to maximize and optimize your ROI while getting grid of the ambiguity with our video solutions.

What do you want to choose? A lot of ambiguity in terms of the effectiveness of your TV ads or a high ROI, transparency, and improved engagement with video marketing both online and on mobile devices? The latter option always wins! Mobile and online video consumption keeps growing (60% only in the last few years). Furthermore, total online video viewership in our country includes more than 55 million users who spend 500 minutes per month on it.

Lionhaus is one of the leaders in this field because we cooperate with such popular websites as YouTube and Dailymotion. This is what allows us to deliver the right audience across multiple devices and channels.

Our great benefits include:

  1. Increased focus on mobile. To help you increase your brand reach, all our video solutions are adapted and well integrated to work on different mobile devices. This feature allows clients to reach out a large number of mobile users in addition to monetizing and converting.
  2. Agile creative production. All ads are adapted based on data feedbacks on your campaign, and it provides you with the opportunity to connect and show them to customers according to their personal interests and needs. You should be flexible and adapt to the changing marketing environment because it’s the main key to be successful in the fast-developing digital world.
  3. Real-time campaign dashboards. They let you gauge the effectiveness and performance of all previous and current video campaigns, including their engagement levels, locations, reach, and other details in real time.

We provide the following video solutions:

Lionhaus has the solutions necessary to make your marketing campaign successful based on your video advertising needs because we focus only on innovative formats.

  1. Smart recommendations. We guarantee the best and most relevant guidelines and tips based on the videos that users play.
  2. Page push down. This ad format is the flash unit comprised on 2 stages. In the first one, it’s located at the top of web pages and comes in its closed format. In the second stage, it expands and pushes the page down automatically.
  3. PreRolls. These ads appear before the beginning of online videos and allow you to benefit from the participation of consumers because they are already engaged while watching them.