Toshiba India

Toshiba India – Digital activation strategies

Project goals:
This company wanted to associate with Sachin Tendulkar synchronize with #WeareSachin 360° marketing campaign, but digital had to be its main focus.


  • We identified social media as the main key for improving the user-generated content, and Facebook apps worked as a perfect trigger.
  • Meeting Sachin Tendulkar is a wonderful incentive for everyone to trigger more action and further develop marketing campaigns.
  • WAP and apps are also important for boosting user participation.

Improved planning:

  • We created specific web, mobile, and Facebook apps to simplify content sharing and user participation processes as a customer contest.
  • We also used social media, in-app, Good search, and Youtube to get more views and increase consumer engagement and let lucky 5 meet Sachin Tendulkar.


  • Lionhaus was very helpful in generating more than 2 million clicks within a few weeks as the main result on user participation, and many viewers submitted their pics for the visual mosaic to gift it as a portrait.