Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Lionhaus Media we believe that client confidentiality is paramount. In fact, our reputation relies on the services we offer to our users, so maintaining the privacy of all our clients is an essential practice. Our policy is, therefore, to do this efficiently at the website level. Hence, we don’t collect any data that be used to find out the identity of our users. Please see below for a complete rundown of the various methods we use in order to achieve this.


Web cookies are small pieces of data, which are stored on the user’s computer or mobile device in order to deliver a page tailored to a particular user. We may collect cookie data from our users in relation to the sites they have visited, ads they have seen, etc. It’s used to assess the response of users to the ads on our pages, and enables us to improve the quality of our services, thus ensuring that our users, for example, don’t see the same advertisement displayed multiple times. This improves the browsing experience for our users.

This data is collected and stored for several years based on these purposes:
- To evaluate the performance of marketing and advertising campaigns.
- To protect against fraudulent behavior on our website.

We do not link the stored cookie data to any personal information that could lead to the identification of our users. The information received from the cookie files only includes websites the user has visited and the products for which the user has searched, and is only used to display suitable ads for the user. By default, most browsers accept cookies automatically, but users may refuse them, if they so desire, by adjusting the web browser’s settings / preferences.

Collection of User Data

Any user interacting with an advertisement on our page preserves his/her full anonymity. We don't collect any personal information on our users – not names, not phone numbers, not addresses. All we collect are details of the browser the user has come to the site with, the user’s IP address, the server that the user used to log in, and the user’s geographic location. This minimum data collection allows us to deliver suitable ads through our website, and also allows us to assess the effectiveness of the website ads displayed on behalf of our advertisers.

It should be noted, that in some cases, our users may voluntarily expose certain personal information when they answer an ad that includes a survey, questionnaire, a nomination form, or a sales contract. In these cases, Lionhaus Media or a third-party collaborating with us and the marketing agency in question, will obtain that information on the advertisers’ behalf and will use the data to deliver the goods or services that the client has ordered. Lionhaus Media may then use this information, without defining the relevant users’ identity, in order to provide the marketing agency with generic profiles of users responding to their ads.

Personal Information

Information collected by Lionhaus Media through our website using the “Contact Us” is offered voluntarily by the user and includes details such as the user’s email address, name, and telephone number. We employ these details with the sole purpose of contacting the prospective publishers. Lionhaus Media treats all information collected through our publisher as confidential, including but not limited to the data offered during the registration process and any personal account information. We only provide our advertisers with the data that allows ads sales for our member sites, including content data, geographic position, visitor data, traffic data, etc.

Update, Correction and Removal of Personal Information

We strive to protect all our users’ privacy, but in certain cases may reveal personal information (if for example, required to by law). In such cases, we would act in good faith in compliance with a corresponding judicial investigation, a court proceeding served against our site, a lawsuit, or any other court ruling.

If a user wishes to change or update any personal information (including email, physical address, telephone number, Zip code) or if a user wishes to opt-out of our services, we provide clear and easy ways to update or correct the account and to delete any private data. Users can do this by accessing their account and changing/updating their personal information, or by sending a deactivation request. Publishers have the right to submit such a personal request to our site, and we will change the information in question within one month.

Email Policy

Lionhaus Media sends our users service-related announcements whenever necessary delivered by email. These announcements are not designed for advertising purposes, and hence we do not provide a method to opt out of such notifications. If a user wishes to stop receiving such notifications, then he/she should deactivate the account. Deactivation requests should be addressed to Lionhaus Media Publisher Services at


We also send our users regular updates on campaigns. If a user wishes to opt out of these updates, he/she should deselect this option. If you need help doing this, please contact us via email for assistance.

Lionhaus Media does not share information that could be employed to expose our users’ identities with third parties. The data we collect is essential for the provision of services and supporting our clients. Collected. If our policy changes, our users will receive a notification whenever any third-party that is not a service provider or agent has requested their personal information, and each user will be able to decide whether or not to allow the data to be shared.

Third-Party Measurement Services

Many advertisers employ third-party providers (instead of Lionhaus Media) to show ads and to gather the performance results of the corresponding advertising and marketing campaigns. These advertisers may use cookie 1 x 1 pixel and technology to assess and increase the performance of their campaigns.

The information collected by these providers relates to visits you make to our website and is gathered for online marketing purposes. Lionhaus Media has no control over this data once collected and therefore takes no responsibility for the actions of such third-party entities in relation to its use. This anonymous information may include:

- IP address and User ID
- Time and date of user’s visit
- URLs of the websites user visited
- The banner ads user saw.

Data Retention

Lionhaus Media holds users’ data only for the period in which the users’ account is active or until we are obliged to provide any services. If a user wishes to deactivate their account, or wishes us to cease using their data in order to deliver services, then they should email us. We are obliged to keep the information provided to us in certain circumstances such as in a dispute settlement, to enforce other agreements, or to comply with a specific legal commitment.


At Lionhaus Media we treat the security of our users’ data very seriously and employ the accepted industry standard methods of protecting personal data while transmitted to us and after we receive it. Hence, when a user inputs any confidential information, such as a Social Security number or Tax ID, we employ SSL technology to encrypt that data. To find out more information about SSL technology, please check the relevant section of our website. It should be noted that no method of digital transfer / storage is 100% safe, so even though we strive to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee complete security.

In case you have any concerns regarding the security, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Lionhaus Media believes in full transparency with regard to our cookie use, targeting capacities, and gathering of anonymous information. If you are one of our publishers and would like further information on our confidentiality policy, please email us.

Notifications of Changes

Any changes in our privacy policy will be published on this page in a timely manner so that our users will always be well-informed as what information is being collected, and under what circumstances and how it may be shared. Any information submitted prior to a change or update to our policies won’t be used without permission first being granted. In case there are substantial changes in our confidentiality policy, our customers and users will be informed here, through a notification on our home page, and/or by email.