Pashmina Builders

Pashmina Builders – Media and leads

Main idea:
We were asked to create more awareness about the new projects of Pashmina and connect interested consumers with this company directly.

Effective strategies:

  • Buying a new house is an important investment that requires a lot of time, patience, and dedication for this project to stand apart.
  • Budget and IPL properties were chosen to launch a specific brand building campaign focused on demography stats.
  • Our professionals improved its communication impact through emailers, Google, and creating their focused content via partnerships with a number of vendors.

Our Plan:
We used the right combination of Tier1 displays, emailers, and Google to get perfect tools for generating the necessary awareness and leads.

Customers got enough coverage with the help of our digital marketing campaigns. They succeeded to establish a nice and reputable niche image among their targeted consumer group only after the first 6 months.