Mobile Solution

150 million people use their mobile Internet, and their number will grow up to 500 million users in a few years. You should take advantage of this opportunity!

Nowadays, mobile Internet pollution keeps growing, and it’s expected to be expanded up to 500 million users by 2020. Many new smart phones are sold in the modern market each day, and this is what provides marketers with an amazing opportunity that can’t be ignored. Think about leveraging this mobile medium to reach out your targeted audience.

Lionhaus has a solid reputation in mobile VAS because it has developed state-of-art marketing solutions for small screens. They are primarily focused on solving key problems and delivering maximum engagement, including the following:

  1. Efficient demographic targeting – Lionhaus’s mobile solutions are created to leverage any mobile audience type, regardless of whether consumers use different plans, both pre-paid, and post, specific operators, devices, 2G or 3G.
  2. Delivering richer and more engaging messages – Lionhaus makes them dynamic, rich, creative, and engaging. You can make apps for your brand, adjust your commercials and ads to the small screen in terms of videos, and have your own gaming content.
  3. Measuring your campaign impact precisely – We use only real-time engagement and even trackers to measure completion rates and number of your views across all gadgets, locations, and platforms.

Our effective mobile solutions are:

  1. Search and display marketing focused on mobile users. You can get incredible apps to increase their engagement through the Click to Download options:
    • They allow advertisers to pay only for the number of apps downloaded, target consumers according to their locations through contextual ads, boost your app use considerably and only within a few months, get detailed metrics and reports, and benefit from loyalty apps.
  2. Improving your Android app use – If you want to increase it, contact our company that engages directly via OEMs by pre-installing apps and offering efficient tracking solutions.
  3. Brand Rewards – You can get them instantly and start gratifying your customers through the airtime top-up.
  4. Interface mix for mobile users – If you need to improve their engagement, you can afford ignoring this feature, which is SMS, missed call, and Voice based, because it offers a cost-effective way to achieve this goal, so that you’ll get access to detailed information about their preferences and location. Use it for future marketing campaigns.

The main differentiators that we have:

  1. Relationships with major publishers, such as OEM and RTB, which allows us to provide you with an optimal ROI.
  2. Innovative formats for ads, like interstitial, pre-roll videos, page push down, and others.
  3. Targeting capabilities, including geolocation, browser and carrier, device, time, channel, and operating system targeting.