Jaypee Hotel – Social media solutions

It’s one of the leading hotel chains nowadays, and it asked us to create connectedness and equity for all premium properties.


  • We defined social media as the most effective channel to reach out young families and other targeted consumers.
  • The main opportunities to build marketing campaigns around included fine dining, long weekend getaways, and leisurely breaks.
  • We decided to use vibrant videos and visuals to tell potential customers more about the vivid and interesting experience offered by this hotel chain.


  • Our professionals used Facebook posts with catchy content to spread the message about chosen themes and opportune time, and they also shared CTA links on multiple posts related to city properties.
  • Besides, special stamp ads were used to enhance a targeted reach in addition to the Twitter contests done to boost the number of followers and engaging consumers.

Organic engagement rates increased up to 5% on Twitter and Facebook.